Introducing Borders Kobo eReader

There are lots of eReaders in the market which range from the most popular I pad  which heads the race to the second best Kindle eReader. But now there is a new product in the market that is affordable and offers almost the same features as Kindle. Which is why many will be attracted to Borders Kobo.

Borders Kobo weighs less than 8 ounce and ranges around 5  int 7 inches.This prodcut will be available in markets like wall mart and is the cheapest compared to other eReaders.This Ereader is availabe in three colors which are black, lilac and silver.It also has It also has a built in Wi Fi connection that allows you to browse online and buy books.Turning pages on this eReader is easy to do and the best thing about Kobo is that its touch nad feel is the same as Kindle. That is why lots of people will be attracted to this eReader.

Review : Barnes and Nobles Nook eReader

There are lots of  eReader books out there but one that tops them all is the Barnes and Nobles Nook . Barnes and Nobles Nook  eReader has a built in Wi Fi that allows you to connect to ebook stores and download or buy any book you like. It also allows you to read magazines and newspapers.

Barnes and Nobles Nook eReader can hold up to 15000 books and has 2GB memory and is also equipped with a built in memory slot for  micro SD  to give extra memory. You can also change the fonts to your liking for easy reading and it also you to turn pages easily. You can read your favorite books outside in the sun as well as it has no glare. It is the first Android power eBook and has a replaceable battery which can last for a long time. So get yours today and enjoy its various features.

Review : Nikon D7000

If you want to get the best picture quality and makes memorable videos i suggest you get the Nikon D7000. It has a 16.2 mega pixel resolution that allows you to take large pictures or crop them according to your liking.

Nikon D7000  has the ability to capture the right tones of the sunset and also  allows you to capture  a moving object easily not creating a blurry image. It features Expeed 2 which allows you to carry out multiple tasks and has enough power to make sure that it is done in the quickest time. Nikon D7000 sensor image is equipped with ISO  that ranges from 100 to 6400 and allows you to take pictures in various lightning situations. Its movie capture HD 1080p allows you to create amazing videos and edit them making them look like a piece of art. This is why Nikon D7000 tops other cameras out there.

Searching a Camera for surveillance try Canon VB M40

If you own a business and need a surveillance camera than Canon VB M40 is one of the best out there. It features a 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor that has the ability to detect motion and displays sharp images while 20 into optical lens also helps in making sure that the images are close to accuracy.

Canon VB M40 has a large lens and also features auto focus which allows you to see images clearly making out each and every detail. The best thing about this cameras is that it performs brilliantly even in low lights. For colored visuals it can go down to 0.03 Lux while in black and white it can go down to  0.001 lux. Is video analytics makes the viewer aware of the fact that the camera has been touched and even detects objects that move or are left some where. It also consist of various other features as well that truly makes it unique and powerful.

Introducing Kingston mircoSD card

Kingston has produced many small storage devices. One of  their latest introduction to the line of SD cards included  16GB micros D card. It has the ability to transfer data in the shortest and fastest time that is 10 MB/ sec.

Kingston 16GB mircoSD card is easy to use and you do not have to be experienced to handle it. One of the best quality about these Kingston class 10 cards is that it is adaptable and can me used with different cell phones including smart phones, cameras and black berry. Kingston microSD card comes with a multi kit which has an SD adapter and allows users to take amazing pictures and videos and it also features a USB card reader. It allows easy storage space for files of various sizes whether its small or large in size. These cards come with a life time warranty and have technical support which is available 24/7 in case if there are any problems. These features make this card very useful for photographers all over the world.

Apple's iPad got a new playmate Blackberry playbook

I pad is finally being knocked over by Blackberry play book that does not look much at first sight but once you use it you realize that its far better than any gadget out there. The best part about this gadget is that it is easy to operate as many devices out there are difficult to handle if they have a touch screen.

Various features and options are available when you touch either side of the screen. For example if you slide your finger from top to button on the web browser you get a tab menu. This play book also features two cameras one at the front and the other at the back which give out amazing  pictures. Its performances. Sharp imaging and high quality HD videos are a result of its 1024 into 600 resolution. It can play more than one video at a time and can easily carry the load. These videos can easily be transferred to other devices. This gadget is powered by 1GHz Cortex-A0 dual processor and has a RAM of 1 GB that truly makes multi tasking look easy and fun.

ElectroHub Universal charger is here to make Your life easy

You have probably seen lots of wireless chargers but ElectroHub Universal charger has a slightly different way of making things work which makes it quite unique and beneficial as it is not that expensive.

One of the biggest issues faced by most people is how to charge a gadget which does not have a replaceable battery. With ElectroHub Universal charger this is easy all you have to do is place your gadget on top of the mat and this charging station acts as a converter and charges the internal battery of the gadget. While charging such devices do require casings. The ElectroHub only weighs 11 ounces and has the ability to charge up to 6 devices at one time. ElectroHub comes with batteries of AA and AAA. And you can easily exchange the device battery  and place it in ElectroHub if it matches the batteries used by ElectroHub in order to make it work. This is why ElectroHub is better than many wireless chargers out there.

Experience the real Gaming Fun with Microsoft Kinect


  Microsoft Kinect is  one the newest gadget that works with X box 360 in order to make the gaming experience for users unique and out of this world. Kinect allows users to communicate with avatar in the game with out using any external controls.

Kinect looks like a single piece of block but it supports various technologies like the CMOS sensor that  detects the infrared  light which is focused on to the game. Once this light is detected by the sensor it is reflected back and takes all the information to the console  also known as Grey scale image which that decides how our body reacts and moves in a 3D space. It also has the ability to detect your voice and recognize your facial features with the help of RGB camera. Kinect is light and looks sleek and stylish it truly intensify and makes the gaming experience unique for players.

Review : LG Thrill 4G

LG recently released its new touch screen phone know as LG Thrill 4G. The best part about this is that it is powered by Android OS v2.2 froyo which can easily be upgraded to its new 2.3 OS version. It is sleek and stylish to look at. And offers great image quality as well as one of the best sound qualities out there.

LG Thrill 4g feature a 5. 0Mp camera and has a powerful resolution of 2560 into 1920 pixel which takes out the best pictures. Its screen is about 4.3 inches WVGA LCD captive 3D. It also features an MP3 and MP4 player with one of the most amazing music player with a sound music quality. It also features Blue tooth v3.0 and has one of the fastest internet connections that allows easy browsing. It has a memory of 32 GB and also features a slot for microSD cards. Its features are amazing to use and it gives one of the best performance which truly makes it an amazing touch screen phone.

MacBook's real rival is here Sony VAIO Hybrid Laptop

With so many lap tops out there people often get confused which one tops them all. Sony has been known for making some of the best gadgets out there and recently they introduced there new Sony VAIO Hybrid lap top.

This new laptop is a rival to Apple Mac Book Pros and its main body weighs around 2.5 pounds and features Intel core  i7 processor, SSD and a  Intel Thunderbolt connection. This main unit is connected to the second element which consist of Blue ray burner and has a slot of graphic cards which includes Radeon HD 6730M and also Radeon HD  6770M and weighs around 1.5 pounds. Its design is sleek and stylish which truly makes its rivals feel worried. Its graphics are amazing and sharp  to look at and it is simple to use . Sony pays great attention to its rival and makes sure they create a better product which is why this lap top truly is the best.

Toshiba's Amazing 14 inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor

There are a number of portable lap tops out there but they all suffer especially there screens which get damaged easily that is why Toshiba released its 14 inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor. This is great for businessmen men who are on the go 24/7 or just people who like sharing information and data with their friends and family and can be easily carried anywhere.

Toshiba 14 inch Mobile LCD Monitor works with the help of a USB slot and can be easily attached to any device or gadget having a USB slot. Thus this monitor does not require any external power to make it work except the device which it is attached to. The best part about this monitor is that it is light and only weighs 2.8 pounds and is hardly an inch thick. Its screen displays amazing images and it has a resolution of 1366 into 768 HD. It comes in a casing which protects it and is very affordable which is why many people are turning to this device.

Review : Epson projector EH TW3200

Epson made a huge break through with the release of their EH TW3200. It is one of the best projectors out there and is stylish to look at and easy to use. The screen for displaying can be easily adjusted vertical or horizontally according to your liking with the help of two wheels situated on the projector.

Epson EH TW3200 has an amazing remote which feels good to  hold and has various control that help in changing the color or selecting the right skin tone as well as color intensity and also features picture mode which is situated in the image menu. While the sub menu includes RGB or RGBCMY scale. Its setting mode helps in arranging a pin code for child lock as well. It has five default picture modes which you can choose from. For example living room is good as it gives bright image if your room is little dark. All these features truly make Epson projector an amazing gadget.

Make a call at the top with out wasting your money

 Are you one of those people who get frustrated when you need to make important calls and are unable to do so. But do not fret because for the very first time air cell has invented a smart airborne phone which will allow you to receive  phone voice calls but this can only happen on business crafts so people in the economy class might still have to wait to get their hands on to this new gadget.

This new smart airborne phone offers best voice qualities due to the fact that it is equipped with the best technology available and it also features a bright and colorful screen which is the largest anyone has seen on board an aircraft. It also features an Android OS platform which allows downloading games like the popular angry birds which will help kill your time while on board an aircraft. It is easy to operate and also features hand free operation and has a blue tooth as well. All these features will certainly make this new smart phone one of the top commodities in air crafts .

AMD Radeon HD 6970 : Experience the next level of Gaming

Graphic cards have a very important function as they help  in creating a perfect image  through the pixels they receive from software applications and than displays them on the screen. One of the best graphic cards for gaming includes AMD  Radeon HD 6970 . It has the same size as its previous graphic cards and provides gamers with the best performance available. For  power supply AMD Radeon HD 6970  requires six pin and eight pin connections.

Amd Radeon HD 6970 has a speed of 5.5 Gbps and and 256 bit memory which allows it to work at lightning speed operating number of monitors at one  time. It is equipped with direct x 11 and is able to raise the bars of giving the best graphics. It also has the ability to give best quality videos as it uses AMD eye speed visual acceleration to give the system the push needed to display the best visuals possible. This helps in making the gaming experience for users exciting and fun to see.

Dell alien ware M15X lap top: next generation of lap tops

One of Dell's greatest introduction to its lap top is alien ware M15X into -472CSB 15 inch gaming lap top. Alien ware M15 X lap top is amazing to look at with its unique and in your face design and the cosmic black color in which it is available also makes it look amazing.

Alien ware M15X lap top has a 15.6 inch screen display which offers sharp imaging and also has a resolution which powers up to 1600 into is also equipped with a powerful Intel core i7 processor which allows users to carry out various tasks easily and also increases the speed at which it works thus it has the ability to handle load which many lap tops are unable to do. It also has the ability to transfer huge files from external hardware in less time because of it its 3 USB ports with 1 USB combo port. It is truly one of the best lap tops out their and further intensifies the 3 d gaming experience for its users because of the various features introduced in it .thus it is easy and fun to use and works at lightning speed.

PS 3 Players have something to celebrate about

PS 3 players have a reason to be happy about because now they have the advantage to enjoy mass effect 2. Although the original mass effect was not experienced by most PS 3 as it never got released on it but there is no need to fret about it as mass effect 2 is better than the first and comes with a comic book which explains the whole story so that players understand the back ground behind it.

The story starts with humans becoming and endangered species as they are surrounded by unknown species and aliens who do not trust them. Captain Shepherd dies but is revived to fight the collectors who you will play. It is a mix of action and exploration with a lot of communication which makes the game interesting and fun to play. The graphics are amazing and give the game a life like experience while the soundtracks are carefully added to match the game which makes the over all game one of the top games on PS3

The new and improved Ipad 2


The best feature about I pad 2 is that it portrays sharp and clear images on videos and also has cameras at the front and back of it. Another amazing feature about I pad 2 is that it consist of gyroscope which helps in playing video games on the I pad 2 as it helps in controlling the motions of the player. The experience of gyroscope can be further intensified by downloading games like adrenaline HD and jenga HD. I pad 2 will also feature a dual cor processor for the first time ever in the history of all the hand handled products introduced by them. This dual core processor will allow users to do multitasking  like that in PC. And the best part about getting an I pad 2 is that it has the same battery life and  also costs the same even after having so many improvements and additions due to which it will go on the top.

I pad created havoc after its release and was loved by all who used it which is one of the reasons why many are waiting eagerly to get I pad 2 which is even better than the first one. I pad is stylish and sleek , and is available in two colors black and white. It is also lighter in weight compared to i pad and even I phone 4, around 1.3 pounds.

Nintendo 3DS brings an eye popping experience without glasses


One of the best features included in Nintendo 3DS is the three cameras, two of them are external while one of them is internal. Besides this it can hold up 2GB card for memory which allows users to store and play the most toughest games out there. The best thing about Nintendo is that it allows you to connect with your friends and compete with them as it helps in maintaining a stable internet connection. This is one of the reasons why Wii and other games out there are going to become second when it comes to Nintendo 3DS features and gaming experience.

Nintendo is back in the market with the release of its new Nintendo 3ds which gives you an eye popping experience with out the use of glasses. This Nintendo 3d game is becoming increasingly popular and costs around  $249.99 in north America. Nintendo weighs around 8 ounce only which makes it easy to handle and carry and has a wide screen LCD with an 800  into 240 pixel allowing us to experience a 3d effect with out the uses of glasses.

Review : Halo 3 introduces amazing features

One of the latest editions to  X box 3 games includes the 3rd halo game which closely follows the 2nd halo. It has a great story line and and introduces amazing features which will force you to get rid of Halo 2. Halo 3 allows four players to operate and enjoy the game.
The use of weapons, grenades and melee attack provides a certain balance and is easy to use. Halo 3 also introduces new weapons like brute. A great example of this is the spiker gun which shoots at lightning speed destroying the enemy in no time. Some weapons are very large and also slow down the speed of the player and the best part about this is that you can get a view  of your cannons and missiles  with the help of a camera that provides a third persons perspective. The introduction of heavy vehicles in Halo 3 makes the game more interesting and fun to play. Halo 2 was also criticized for its stories but Halo 3 dose not face any of these issues which truly makes it a great buy,

Review : HTC Arrive

One of the latest gadget introduced is the HTC Arrive which is Sprints first Window 7 fun. HTC Arrive is durable because of its solid structure and bulky design. It is pleasing to the eyes and has a dark gray colored exterior and its headset is glossy. This touch screen phone has a resolution of 800 into 480 pixel resolution and the quality and richness of the colors portrayed is sharp and brilliant to look at. HTC Arrive features a 5 mega pixel camera and its micro usb charger and volume  rocker are placed on the left side wile the right side features a camera trigger button.
HTC Arrive also features a qwerty keyboard and has a screen which tilts. The keys displayed are spacious and easy to use. It also features Microsoft copy /paste features which makes it even more interesting. It offers brilliant Wi Fi connection and its audio offers better sound quality. So get yours today and enjoy its different features.

Robot Headphone Splitter with a double jack for IPhone and IPod.

Robot Headphone Splitter, with a double jack for IPhone and IPod.
Sometimes, when you wish to listen to music with your friends, it could be useful to connect two pairs of headphones to the same IPhone/IPod. But every music player does offer the connection with a single jack. There are many adaptors, to solve this problem, and now it has been developed a variant. It’s a little robot, with the dimensions of a keychain, in whose eyes you can insert your headphones’s jacks. The head of this robot can be divided from the body, and (with the connector that will come out from the divided boby) become an adaptator to be linked to the music player. It has got a metallic colour, and will give to your keychain a more tech look. This nice and cheap little robot is available on at the price of $ 14

Stable version of Firefox 4 released

Yesterday, after a one-year long period of development, it has been released the stable version of Firefox 4. But the news aren’t finished: the Mozilla team has decided to have no break and, as reported by the US website Conceivablytech, the start day for the creation of the version 5 has already been chosen. Mozilla seems to be intentioned in a change of strategy about the time and ways to release it to the public. Apparently they want to follow the example of Google, that divides the browser development in four parts.
Download Firefox 4 here
The team has organized the development of every single version in 16 weeks, divided in 4 periods: in the first 6 weeks, Mozilla won’t release any version to the public, and will test it. Then it would start the distribution of the experimental and beta version, that would probably precede (as in tradition) the classical release candidate before that the final version of the browser was developed. There aren’t certain news about that, but we’ll see the decision of Mozilla in the next months.
The development of Version 5 should start in the last days of June, but for the moment it’s just a hypothesis, though it’s reliable enough to be took in consideration.

Review : Dell XPS 15


Dell  XPS 15 Laptop brings you to the next level of HD quality picture with its Leading edge NVIDIA razor-sharp graphic and gives you strong and clear mind blowing sound quality of JBL which is a treat for your ears. The laptop has a sleek slim look and comes with multi-color tag options with it. Its 3D capability makes it better and an eye catching for all the gamers in the world. This dell XPS 15 laptop is the only laptop which is Skype certified HD clarity laptop in the market with the Ultra-Clear and an Ultra-Flexible touch to the web cam chat. The laptop has i3/i5 compatibility microprocessors. It got a huge storage up to 750GB HDD and 4GB to 8GB(with dual channel) DDR3 RAM. Dell XPS 15 will lead you to the immersive 3D experience with its 1GB NVIDIA GT 420M GeForce razor sharp ultra-clear  graphics with Bluetooth and has a 15.6"  HD monitor of resolution of (1920x1080) plus  B+RGLED display with the  TrueLife cutting edge technology. The optical drive of this machine is 8x DVD-RW (standard) and a blu-ray combo drive also with a 2.0 megapixel camera inbuilt it it with HD support in it. So all the game lovers don’t waste your time go and grab it from the market 

Review : Dell Inspiron 14R


Dell Inspiron 14R New Laptop is the new cutting age technology for the daily mainstream laptop users in daily life. It has a 14” wide High Definition glossy screen with a sleek brush metal finished smug proved body. The most important thing about this laptop is that is has a full size keyboard which will give a relaxation to your hands for a change. It comes with the i3/i5 processor and 3GB of DDR-3 RAM and 320GB 5400RPM HDD inbuilt with windows 7 Home basic edition(64-bit).It has in built DVD burner optical driver and a stereo speaker & a prominent  microphone jack which makes it a very user friendly. In the network connectivity area it has Ethernet facility in it. It also can be connected to the Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth. It got 3 numbers of 2.0 USB ports and a SD card reader slot and a 1.3-megapixel web camera which makes it richer. This laptop also comes with the warranty of 1 year.

Review : Alienware M17X


The New Alienware M17X comes with a very good gesture of brushed finished polished finishing with a immense design and extraordinary   gaming options and with a nice cooling system in it and its LED lighting illustrious quality  system of Alienware makes it a treat for all the laptop lovers in the bazaar is available in three colors in the market.

It comes with a crystal clear 17-inch WUXGA HD screen with the motion of (1920x1200) edge tangling display in it. The company offers Windows vista 64-bit home premium edition and with 9-cell a very long battery backup facility. Intel Core 2 and dual Nvidia 1GB razor sharp graphic card adds another dimension in it. The new alienware M17x laptop comes with the dvd-rw+blu-ray reader facility and 8GB of DDR -3 RAM which makes it even more faster and attractive. Its 1TB Hard disk storage capacity makes it a monster storage device. AlienFX lighting system is said to be the coolest add and the plus point of this laptop. So don’t waste your time go to the market and buy it and have your own glowing laptop.    

Review : Dell inspiron M101z


Dell Company launched the classy, compact notebook which is called dell inspiron M101z in the market which is another trust worthy product of dell. It has a 11.6TFT display screen of with the maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 (WXGA) with a AMD RS880 integrated graphics and sound card. With this you will also get a windows 7 premium 64-bit OS it has built in warless LAN antenna and Wi-Fi option and Bluetooth too with a six cell battery with it.

The Dell Inspiron M101z is coming also coming up with the inbuilt 4GB ram (DDR-3SDRAM of 1333 MHz) in 2x2 GB configuration. The netbook also got the processor named AMD Athlon II X2 K325 / 1.3 GHz which is also dual core too. It also comes up with a HDD of 320 GB(7200rpm) inbuilt. It also have a built in clear 1.3 mega pixel camera with it. As like the other net books in the market it got the same old problem of getting overheated in using for a very long time so better to use a cool pad with it so don’t waste your time go to the shop and buy this.

Here's more about much awaited Sony PlayStation NGP


NGP or The Next Genration Portable is made by SONY Entertainment Inc., this Sony NGP is going to give a tough competition to with the Nintendo 3DS.The new Sony made NGP is 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access enable gaming device which opened a new horizon to the world of psp game lovers. It has a screen resolution of 960×544 pixels and its multi touch sensitive screen which is 5 inch in diagonal. The NGP has a 4-core cortex A9 ARM processor having GPU of 200MHz which makes it faster than the other psps. Its battery life is going to be for 4 to 5 hours. It got a dual-analog thumb stick triangle, circle and the other buttons of the old is also having a six side axis motion sensing system named as gyroscope and accelerometer and a three-axis electronic compass with it which adds a new vision to the psp gaming has a GPS signal receiving facility for the geo-location of the PSP Owner so don’t waste your time and buy it as soon as it hits your nearby store.

Review : Samsung galaxy tablet


It’s dimensions is (7.48 x 4.74 x .47 inches) which got Google android OS .The device has a TFT capacitive screen (1024 x 600 pixels) and an A8 ARM 1 GHz cortex processor also. It got a PowerVR SGX540 graphic accelerator which adds a dimension to it. The Samsung galaxy tab contains 16GB of internal memory and additional microSD cards can also be added to it. It can support all the 3G connections and has the HSDPA network connectivity option too, along with Wi-Fi and GPS and Bluetooth 3.0 support which is great for a tablet user.
                          The screen Samsung's tablet is completely crafted out of plastic for that it is very light in weight. Since as the device is  supporting multitasking activities so, a long pressing of the home key button activates the task manager and by which enables the speedy switching of the one active application to another the another so that user can do other works by it also. The right hand side of the Samsung galaxy tablet got a volume controlling keys, power button and as well as microSD(expandable) memory card and the SIM card(for 3G) slots and on the left side of it got a microphone jack. The speakers of this device are located on the bottom of it along with the power cable slot and the others.

Boom !! Apple is back again


Boom!! It’s back. Yes. Apple is going to launch their new version of iPhone, and that is iPhone 5. The most exciting and charming thing about iPhone is it comes with dual core processors. The graphics quality of iPhone will be better than iPhone 4 as claimed by the Apple. Face Recognition Security will be another unique feature of iPhone which will give user better security and a cool feature. HD Audio will be an additional feature in this gadget. Apple is are claiming that they will provide 14 hours talk time in 3G and 7 hours on 4G. Apple iPhone 5 will come within built GPS system. The lowest model of this phone will come with 32 GB memory and highest will be of 64 GB. The look of this phone is just awesome which will give it a better mileage. The cost of Apple iPhone 5 will be near around $500 as expected. This latest model of iPhone can be give 4.5 stars out of 5 stars for its features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Beats iPad 2

 Imagine carrying a gadget that performs the same function as your computer, lap top or i pad and is less than half the size, is easy to carry and performs at the same level as the other machines available out there. This has become a reality with the release and introduction of Samsung Galaxy tab.

Samsung Galaxy tab has a Wi-fi connection that connects you to the rest of the world no matter where you are as well as Blue tooth 3.0. Because of these features you can easily check your mails or browse the net and check out all the social networks that you are a part for like linked, twitter, face book, tag etc.

You can also browse sites like you tube, check out Google map and even check out videos that can easily be downloaded through Adobe Flash Player because it features Google's Android 2.2 platform. You can download your favorite movies or get in touch with the latest news as it also features Amazon Kindle e-Reader. It also features two cameras that allow you to take pictures , edit them and share them with your friends. It also has has the ability to browse various websites so you can easily play the best games online. All this is possible as it can run for at least 13 hours not stop and is portable , light weighted and easy to carry and operate.

Samsung Galaxy Tab weighs only 13.58 ounce and is 7 inch tablet in size. It amazing how it can perform all these tasks which takes time for machines double its size to do. This is one of the reasons why it is likely to gain more success than other gadgets out there. So don not waste time and get your Samsung Galaxy Tab today.

Sony's Playstation NGP

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc brings a never before presented gift for the gamers this year. Recently Sony announced the launch of its new gaming console Playstation NGP next generation portable in a meet in Tokyo.
This Console is better than all the previous portable gaming consoles. The Playstation NGP is full of features like
  • 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • It can also play PSP games and many more stuff from playstation store.
  • Three motion sensors electronic compass, gyroscope and accelerometer.
  • 5 inch wide display
  • Two cameras rear and front camera.
  • Multi touchpad and many more
 Some software companies also talked in the Playstation meeting 2011 but no title are finalized yet.
For more details Click here.

Review : Transcend Ts8Xdvdrw-K

  • USB 2.0 interface for high-speed data transfer
  • 8x DVD±R read / write, 24x CD-R / RW read / write
  • Compatible with CD-R / RW, DVD±R, DVD±RW, DVD±R DL, DVD-RAM media
  • Reads and writes Dual Layer discs
  • Includes CyberLink Power2Go media writing software
  • USB powered - No external power adapter needed
  • Elegant slim modern design with rounded edges
  • Compact and easy-to-carry
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • 2 years warranty
Looking forward to buy an external DVD writer here is a great option for you Transcend Ts8Xdvdrw-K. Transcend's another nice product. The product is quite attractive in looks and is mainly available in black color. The current price of this product is near about 45$. This is cheaper than any other in same field. The price of this product is very good. It is fully controlled and powered by the USB but it does not work with USB 2.0 which is a drawback of this device. Generally that older usb system makes it slower than other model available in the market. It includes Cyberlink Power2go 6 software in the package and this software is also good enough. The lite weight of this device makes it easy to carry. This device burns DVD at speed of 8X and it burns CD at speed of writes a DVD in 20-23 minutes.  The speed of this device is good. It comes with a warranty of 2 years. Transcend Ts8Xdvdrw-K can be give 5 star out of 5 stars for its price and it can be given 3.5 stars out of 5 stars for its performance.

Review : Samsung SE-S084 Slim External DVD Writer

Usually no one needs external drive but when it comes to portable device the first thing that comes in mind is USB.
  •     Firmware live update
  •     12 cm and 8 cm disc support
  •     Firmware live updateManual disc eject function
  •     Prevents buffer under run error and enables high speed writing
  •     USB BUS powered
 This Samsung product product is just slim and attractive. It is portable and easy to carry. It is available in different colors but mostly available in deep blue. The speed of this is 8x DVD+/-R Write for a single layer DVD and 6x for a duel layer DVD, which is good enough. It is fully USB powered, that means it does not need any external power source. Drawback of this model is it deals with old usb system which makes it slower than the others. The package of this includes the device, usb, software cd and the user comes with a warranty period of 1 year. As it is very slim and small in size it is easy to carry. The product is not very much costly. It can be given 3.5 stars out of 5 stars for its price and it also can be given 4 stars out of 5 stars for the feature of this device.  You can buy this product on Amazon or Newegg for about $65.

Review : Asus SDRW-08D1S-U External 8x DVD Super Multi-burner

  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Writes DVD + /-R at 8x
  • DVD + RW at 8x
  • DVD-R at 6x
  • DVD + /-R DL at 6x
  • DVD-RAM at 5x
  • CD-R/RW with up to 24x.
One of the Mind blowing products by Asus and a perfect companion for your netbook or PC. The product was introduced in the market by Asus in the year of 2009. Then it was a little more expensive but the current price of this device is $ 53.24 in black and white colors at Amazon. The product comes  in two colors, black and white. It works with faster USB 2.0. The writing speed of this is 8x. It comes with a USB Y cable which is 20-21 inches long. The ultra slim look of this is just awesome. It is lite which makes it easy to carry. The plug and play feature of this device makes it very much easy to use. It includes Cyberlink Power2go 6 software in the package. The software is also good. It takes almost 18-20 minutes to burn a disc which comparatively better speed than the other such devices. It is good value of money. I think buying this will be smart choice. It can be given 4 out of 5 stars for its price and it can be given 4.5 stars out of 5 stars for its performance.

Review : Kodak Easyshare M575


Express the true self within yourself with a stylist camera in an affordable price. In a price around $100, Kodak EasyShare M575 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Zoom and 3.0 Inch LCD (Flame Red) can be easily considered as the best one. A sleek in size and compact in design, Kodak Easyshare M575 can be really called to be a handsome one.  This camera is available in four different colours: green, blue, black and red. Out of these four, the red one is the most attractive according to my perspective. While discussing about its features, the first we should remember that it’s a Kodak product. Its 14MP SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH wide angle lens gives the true quality of image resolution, and the 5X Optical Zoom gives the camera a virtual telescopic sense. Even in such a high zooming, image stabilization is simply splendid. It has an extreme feature of HD video capturing (720p). But some critics infer that photos snapped in low light or enlarged photos are seemed to be not so great. Just like the other digital cameras Kodak easy share M575 also consists of a 3” colour LCD screen which gives a quite clear view. Consumers a provided a smart capture of the particular picture they want with the facility of the face recognition. Face recognition feature enables the user to get the perfect snap without bothering about the settings of the camera. The reviewers mention that the picture colours taken by conduct are the natural colour of the object, not bright unreal colours. An accurate touch mode gives the chance to the user to apply a retouch to the captured images within the camera. But some professional owners gave a negative review about the camera speed. Both the shutter and shot-to-shot are a little bit slow and so there is a possibility to miss the particular moment the user needs to capture. The camera has a 32MB internal memory and an SD/SDHC card slot for the storing the photos. The best feature of this camera is clearly revealed by its name itself. The Easyshare feature makes transforms the Kodak moment of picture taking experience into an experience of sharing it with your friends. The Easyshare button enables the user to directly upload the photos or videos to different websites like Facebook, Orkut, Flickr, You tube, Kodak gallery etc. The share option also gives the opportunity to tag the pictures directly in the camera.