Stable version of Firefox 4 released

Yesterday, after a one-year long period of development, it has been released the stable version of Firefox 4. But the news aren’t finished: the Mozilla team has decided to have no break and, as reported by the US website Conceivablytech, the start day for the creation of the version 5 has already been chosen. Mozilla seems to be intentioned in a change of strategy about the time and ways to release it to the public. Apparently they want to follow the example of Google, that divides the browser development in four parts.
Download Firefox 4 here
The team has organized the development of every single version in 16 weeks, divided in 4 periods: in the first 6 weeks, Mozilla won’t release any version to the public, and will test it. Then it would start the distribution of the experimental and beta version, that would probably precede (as in tradition) the classical release candidate before that the final version of the browser was developed. There aren’t certain news about that, but we’ll see the decision of Mozilla in the next months.
The development of Version 5 should start in the last days of June, but for the moment it’s just a hypothesis, though it’s reliable enough to be took in consideration.


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