Robot Headphone Splitter with a double jack for IPhone and IPod.

Robot Headphone Splitter, with a double jack for IPhone and IPod.
Sometimes, when you wish to listen to music with your friends, it could be useful to connect two pairs of headphones to the same IPhone/IPod. But every music player does offer the connection with a single jack. There are many adaptors, to solve this problem, and now it has been developed a variant. It’s a little robot, with the dimensions of a keychain, in whose eyes you can insert your headphones’s jacks. The head of this robot can be divided from the body, and (with the connector that will come out from the divided boby) become an adaptator to be linked to the music player. It has got a metallic colour, and will give to your keychain a more tech look. This nice and cheap little robot is available on at the price of $ 14


Bob said...

Nice little gadget but I would like to introduce you to the lecci headphone splitter.

Patrick said...

The iphone headphones i like, are those which are in matching colour with handset.

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