Introducing Borders Kobo eReader

There are lots of eReaders in the market which range from the most popular I pad  which heads the race to the second best Kindle eReader. But now there is a new product in the market that is affordable and offers almost the same features as Kindle. Which is why many will be attracted to Borders Kobo.

Borders Kobo weighs less than 8 ounce and ranges around 5  int 7 inches.This prodcut will be available in markets like wall mart and is the cheapest compared to other eReaders.This Ereader is availabe in three colors which are black, lilac and silver.It also has It also has a built in Wi Fi connection that allows you to browse online and buy books.Turning pages on this eReader is easy to do and the best thing about Kobo is that its touch nad feel is the same as Kindle. That is why lots of people will be attracted to this eReader.


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