Review : Barnes and Nobles Nook eReader

There are lots of  eReader books out there but one that tops them all is the Barnes and Nobles Nook . Barnes and Nobles Nook  eReader has a built in Wi Fi that allows you to connect to ebook stores and download or buy any book you like. It also allows you to read magazines and newspapers.

Barnes and Nobles Nook eReader can hold up to 15000 books and has 2GB memory and is also equipped with a built in memory slot for  micro SD  to give extra memory. You can also change the fonts to your liking for easy reading and it also you to turn pages easily. You can read your favorite books outside in the sun as well as it has no glare. It is the first Android power eBook and has a replaceable battery which can last for a long time. So get yours today and enjoy its various features.


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