European HTC One S receives OTA update to ICS 4.0.4

We received a few reports that the European variant of the Krait-packing HTC One S is getting an over the air update. The new firmware brings Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 and the latest Sense version 4.1 to the HTC mid-range smartphone.
As you may remember the bigger, quad-core, brother of the One S, the One X, got the same update about two weeks ago.
Sense 4.1 is a big improvement in terms of speed - there's no longer lag when using a live wallpaper, most of the app drawer 3D effects have been removed to speed things up even further and it's using a new kernel, which is faster all round. Sense 4.1 is also supposed to be less taxing on the battery life.
Don't forget to stop by the comments section if you've already received the OTA update on your European One S.


Joseph wills said...

As compare to the other brands its battery timings is absolute even having a big screen.
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