MacBook's real rival is here Sony VAIO Hybrid Laptop

With so many lap tops out there people often get confused which one tops them all. Sony has been known for making some of the best gadgets out there and recently they introduced there new Sony VAIO Hybrid lap top.

This new laptop is a rival to Apple Mac Book Pros and its main body weighs around 2.5 pounds and features Intel core  i7 processor, SSD and a  Intel Thunderbolt connection. This main unit is connected to the second element which consist of Blue ray burner and has a slot of graphic cards which includes Radeon HD 6730M and also Radeon HD  6770M and weighs around 1.5 pounds. Its design is sleek and stylish which truly makes its rivals feel worried. Its graphics are amazing and sharp  to look at and it is simple to use . Sony pays great attention to its rival and makes sure they create a better product which is why this lap top truly is the best.


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