Toshiba's Amazing 14 inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor

There are a number of portable lap tops out there but they all suffer especially there screens which get damaged easily that is why Toshiba released its 14 inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor. This is great for businessmen men who are on the go 24/7 or just people who like sharing information and data with their friends and family and can be easily carried anywhere.

Toshiba 14 inch Mobile LCD Monitor works with the help of a USB slot and can be easily attached to any device or gadget having a USB slot. Thus this monitor does not require any external power to make it work except the device which it is attached to. The best part about this monitor is that it is light and only weighs 2.8 pounds and is hardly an inch thick. Its screen displays amazing images and it has a resolution of 1366 into 768 HD. It comes in a casing which protects it and is very affordable which is why many people are turning to this device.


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