Review : Epson projector EH TW3200

Epson made a huge break through with the release of their EH TW3200. It is one of the best projectors out there and is stylish to look at and easy to use. The screen for displaying can be easily adjusted vertical or horizontally according to your liking with the help of two wheels situated on the projector.

Epson EH TW3200 has an amazing remote which feels good to  hold and has various control that help in changing the color or selecting the right skin tone as well as color intensity and also features picture mode which is situated in the image menu. While the sub menu includes RGB or RGBCMY scale. Its setting mode helps in arranging a pin code for child lock as well. It has five default picture modes which you can choose from. For example living room is good as it gives bright image if your room is little dark. All these features truly make Epson projector an amazing gadget.


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