PS 3 Players have something to celebrate about

PS 3 players have a reason to be happy about because now they have the advantage to enjoy mass effect 2. Although the original mass effect was not experienced by most PS 3 as it never got released on it but there is no need to fret about it as mass effect 2 is better than the first and comes with a comic book which explains the whole story so that players understand the back ground behind it.

The story starts with humans becoming and endangered species as they are surrounded by unknown species and aliens who do not trust them. Captain Shepherd dies but is revived to fight the collectors who you will play. It is a mix of action and exploration with a lot of communication which makes the game interesting and fun to play. The graphics are amazing and give the game a life like experience while the soundtracks are carefully added to match the game which makes the over all game one of the top games on PS3


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