The new and improved Ipad 2

The best feature about I pad 2 is that it portrays sharp and clear images on videos and also has cameras at the front and back of it. Another amazing feature about I pad 2 is that it consist of gyroscope which helps in playing video games on the I pad 2 as it helps in controlling the motions of the player. The experience of gyroscope can be further intensified by downloading games like adrenaline HD and jenga HD. I pad 2 will also feature a dual cor processor for the first time ever in the history of all the hand handled products introduced by them. This dual core processor will allow users to do multitasking  like that in PC. And the best part about getting an I pad 2 is that it has the same battery life and  also costs the same even after having so many improvements and additions due to which it will go on the top.

I pad created havoc after its release and was loved by all who used it which is one of the reasons why many are waiting eagerly to get I pad 2 which is even better than the first one. I pad is stylish and sleek , and is available in two colors black and white. It is also lighter in weight compared to i pad and even I phone 4, around 1.3 pounds.


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