Here's more about much awaited Sony PlayStation NGP

NGP or The Next Genration Portable is made by SONY Entertainment Inc., this Sony NGP is going to give a tough competition to with the Nintendo 3DS.The new Sony made NGP is 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access enable gaming device which opened a new horizon to the world of psp game lovers. It has a screen resolution of 960×544 pixels and its multi touch sensitive screen which is 5 inch in diagonal. The NGP has a 4-core cortex A9 ARM processor having GPU of 200MHz which makes it faster than the other psps. Its battery life is going to be for 4 to 5 hours. It got a dual-analog thumb stick triangle, circle and the other buttons of the old is also having a six side axis motion sensing system named as gyroscope and accelerometer and a three-axis electronic compass with it which adds a new vision to the psp gaming has a GPS signal receiving facility for the geo-location of the PSP Owner so don’t waste your time and buy it as soon as it hits your nearby store.


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