Samsung Galaxy Tab Beats iPad 2

 Imagine carrying a gadget that performs the same function as your computer, lap top or i pad and is less than half the size, is easy to carry and performs at the same level as the other machines available out there. This has become a reality with the release and introduction of Samsung Galaxy tab.

Samsung Galaxy tab has a Wi-fi connection that connects you to the rest of the world no matter where you are as well as Blue tooth 3.0. Because of these features you can easily check your mails or browse the net and check out all the social networks that you are a part for like linked, twitter, face book, tag etc.

You can also browse sites like you tube, check out Google map and even check out videos that can easily be downloaded through Adobe Flash Player because it features Google's Android 2.2 platform. You can download your favorite movies or get in touch with the latest news as it also features Amazon Kindle e-Reader. It also features two cameras that allow you to take pictures , edit them and share them with your friends. It also has has the ability to browse various websites so you can easily play the best games online. All this is possible as it can run for at least 13 hours not stop and is portable , light weighted and easy to carry and operate.

Samsung Galaxy Tab weighs only 13.58 ounce and is 7 inch tablet in size. It amazing how it can perform all these tasks which takes time for machines double its size to do. This is one of the reasons why it is likely to gain more success than other gadgets out there. So don not waste time and get your Samsung Galaxy Tab today.


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