Sony's Playstation NGP

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc brings a never before presented gift for the gamers this year. Recently Sony announced the launch of its new gaming console Playstation NGP next generation portable in a meet in Tokyo.
This Console is better than all the previous portable gaming consoles. The Playstation NGP is full of features like
  • 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • It can also play PSP games and many more stuff from playstation store.
  • Three motion sensors electronic compass, gyroscope and accelerometer.
  • 5 inch wide display
  • Two cameras rear and front camera.
  • Multi touchpad and many more
 Some software companies also talked in the Playstation meeting 2011 but no title are finalized yet.
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pioneer_992 said...

PSP looks much better than NGP ?? what say rahul ??

Rahul Rawat said...

i also think so..

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