Make a call at the top with out wasting your money

 Are you one of those people who get frustrated when you need to make important calls and are unable to do so. But do not fret because for the very first time air cell has invented a smart airborne phone which will allow you to receive  phone voice calls but this can only happen on business crafts so people in the economy class might still have to wait to get their hands on to this new gadget.

This new smart airborne phone offers best voice qualities due to the fact that it is equipped with the best technology available and it also features a bright and colorful screen which is the largest anyone has seen on board an aircraft. It also features an Android OS platform which allows downloading games like the popular angry birds which will help kill your time while on board an aircraft. It is easy to operate and also features hand free operation and has a blue tooth as well. All these features will certainly make this new smart phone one of the top commodities in air crafts .


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