Samsung Producing Mass Transparent LCDs

Samsung has recently done mass production of LCD with transparent panels which is quite unique. The reason for this is because it consumes less electricity as compared to other electronic gadgets. This basically depends on the fact that it consumes solar energy to make it run.

These panels are diagonally shaped and are 22 inches long. It also has a powerful resolution which ranges from 1680 into 1050 pixels which makes the images appear clear and sharp. These panels are available into amazing colors which includes black and whiteouts previous built in transparency which was5% previously has increased to 15 % when it comes to different colors and 20 % for black and white.Samsung is very confident about their new LCD and its senior  vice president  also shares the same belief as he thinks that this new and improved version of Samsung LCD will find its use in various areas and will become widely popular for its amazing quality and performance.


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