Review : Dell Streak

Dell never fails to please its customers and with its you dell streak which serves as your small personal PC and smart phone its no shock many people are choosing dell over others. It features a 5 inch screen and   Wi Fi connection which allows users to browse the web no matter where they are. You can play games, do e book reading and watch your favorite shows online.

It has various technologies working together as it features 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which works in collaboration with Android 1.6 operating system that allows you to use various Google services like checking out their maps and using their mobile services. It also features AT&T HSPDA 3G network which allows the user to connect to the internet in no time and lets you download music videos, your favorite shows and songs which takes an hour to do even in the largest PC's availability. It  is also equipped with 5 mega pixel camera and cam recorder which has an auto focus and it also allows you to connect to social sites like twitter and face book and share your photos with your friends. Thus it truly is an amazing little wonder.


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