“Gioventù Ribelle” a Classic game on Italian Resurgence

"For those who love history games, now it’s being developed a  new
game based on the Italian Resurgence. This game, “Gioventù Ribelle”
(“Rebel Youth”), is about the facts and battles that anticipated the
Breaking of Porta Pia, with which the Pontificial State was annetted
to the Italian Kingdom, and is one of the Italian initiatives to
celebrate the 150 years of union in Italy (from 1861 to 2011).
The protagonist is an Official of the Sharpshooters’s Army, who has to reach the Pope Pius IX in Rome in order to give him an ultimatum from the King. The Pope has to surrender, or King Vittorio Emanuele II will
overcome Rome, which he wish to make his capital by a long time. The game is a FPS like Call of Duty.
On the game’s website (www.gioventuribelle.it), it’s told us that “Every ambient, fact and character is true”, and that the game is based on documents of the nineteenth century reporting the real facts.
The demo has been removed from the website, but will be available again when the game is published."


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