Bioware has released a “bridge episode” of the Mass Effect saga, that links Chapter II and Chapter III. This episode, called “Advent”, tells the events after the end of Mass Effect II, so only people who have completed the other Mass Effect games should buy it.
The story begins with a message on your terminal from Admiral Hackett. Hackett informs Shepard that Dr. Amanda Kenson has been captured by the Reapers. Now she’s convicted in a prison in the Betarian system, and must be saved before she reveals too much informations. This time Shepard will have to go alone.
As the precedent episodes, Mass Effect: Advent has high quality standards and an amazing story.
After that Shepard has been transported by the Portals in the Batarian Prison, what follows is about one hour and a half of intense shooting phases. Since many enemies are going to attack you, and they have got many dangerous and powerful arms, the difficulty level is a little high.
The gamplay is repetitive, but the good story fills this lack. Nevertheless, I think you should buy it only if you really like the precedent episodes


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