Review : Blackberry storm 2

Black berry storm 2 is a unique cell phone which features a qwerty keyboard. You can call or text as you like. Check mails , browse the net with out any hindrance. With a single press you can carry out a number  of tasks. This is because it features amazing technology like Sure press with Sure type technology.

Black Berry storm 2 has a resolution of 480 into 360 and can display around 65000 colors which gives out great pictures and videos. You can further increase the memory of Black Berry storm by inserting a 1 GB memory card. You can easily connect to the internet using Wi Fi connection which is quick and allows easy browsing online. You can edit and change your files using Microsoft Office as well. Besides this it also features built in speaker phones and allows you to make conference calls as well. All these features truly make it one of the best phones out there.


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