Google and iRobot team up to put Android apps on Ava telepresence bot

iRobot Ave at Google I/O
Remember that Ava telepresence bot that we were gaga over at CES? Well Google has decided to lend iRobot a hand in getting the tablet-topped automaton rolling with some Android apps. The two companies have teamed up to create Ava specific programs that can be run from an Android slate perched on the extending neck of this silicon-brained companion. Apparently any 'ol tablet will do, so you'll still be able to play Angry Birds, but where's the fun in that? The exciting stuff will be apps that can communicate with the robot and pass it directions, meaning we need to figure out what our new, mechanical best friends should do for us. We've already got plenty of options for killing and beer serving -- how about one that folds our laundry? Oh, wait. Well, we'll think of something. While we ponder you check out Ava's cameo at Google I/O and the PR after the break.


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