HP trots out Pavilion p7, Pavilion Slimline s5, and HPE h8 desktops

Lest you think the desktop is an endangered species, HP, at least, begs to differ. The company just unveiled three of 'em: the Pavilion p7, Slimline s5, and the Pavilion HPE h8 -- all festooned with black finishes, rounded edges, sliding port covers, and metallic panels designed to blend in with the electronics already populating your living room. Of the three, the p7 is the most mainstream, with a non-threatening chassis that's about the size you'd expect a tower to be. The Slimline s5 has a similar look, but is about half the size, making it look more like a media hub. Lastly, there's the HPE h8, whose red accents and beastlier shape mark it as the power tower it is. For the money, you'll get discrete graphics, optional Beats Audio, and support for dual displays. The p7 and h8 go on sale May 18, starting at $299 and $599, respectively. For the petite s5, you'll have to step up to a $329 starting price. Look for it on June 15.
SOURCE: Engadget


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