Tawkon: The Radiation Detector

A new app for smartphones allows you to detect radiations around you. This app, called Tawkon, has been rejected by Steve Jobs, but is anyway available for jailbroken smartphones on Cydia.
This app detects non-ionizing radiation emitted by mobile phones (not the ionizing radiation that is causing problems in Japan), and answer to questions such as what’s the real cancer risk if you stay too much time near your mobile phone and so on.
It works this way: once installed, the app works background and measures the radiation level around you. If the radiations reach the red level (the highest) your smartphone will sound an alarm. This could be used to chose where to make calls and where not.
Probably Jobs has rejected this idea because it would generate panic. The official excuse has been that “Apple looks for apps that are useful, unique, fun and positive, such as Angry Birds, iHandy Flashlight and UrbanSpoon,”.
I think, anyway, that this app could be useful since it helps us understand how much’s the risk of using a mobile phone in certain places. Since the cancer percentage is increasing, I suppose it’s better to get some even small precaution.


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