Review : Killzone 3

After having let all the fans amazed by the second episode of the saga, Guerrilla Games has released Killzone 3. Let’s see what news it brings.
The first part of the game is used as a pretext to introduce as a flashback what happened after the end of Killzone 2. The story covers a period of six months, and if the world is change, the characters anren’t going to do the same. Both protagonists and antagonist improve and strengthen their ideals. But this good verve soon overcomes the narration, and the result is a game with a great cinematographic impact but also very linear.
Anyway, the game has a good gameplay, and the graphic effects are really good. The sound effect and soundtrack are both well done, and the longevity of the game is high.
The only critic I can do is that the game lacks of originality, but since this is a very little lack, I think it’s better not to consider it.


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