Review : Dead Space 2

When, in Jenuary, Dead Space 2 was distributed, it carried the wage of great expectations from the accompagnarepublic. The first chapter of this saga had started a new kind of Survival Horror games, and Dead Space 2 had to be better than it, without beginning a mere action game like many other games had done.
The result is amazing: the game is disturbing and scary, and surely it is one of the better Horror Games since the last ten years!
The plot is rich of unexpected events, the characters are obsessed by the Mark, while the Unitologists worship it as a divine symbol and the Government looks at it as a power source. But for Isaac Clarke it’s also a scar in his mind. The whole game is set in a more psychological way than the first chapter: now Clarke has to fight against the nightmares of his past.
The fear sensation of the first chapter is untouched: the player does never feel safe, and is always accompanied by anxiety.
The Control System is better then in the first chapter, and as there are new kinds of weapons, there are also more Necromorphs. An example are the “Hunters”, raptor-like monsters who hide behind containers and colonnades and come out to attack you and then going back into the darkness. This, mixed with classical horror elements like narrow corridors, scary sights and disturbing rumors, makes the game a perfect horror action experience for every player.


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