Review : Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive

Whether you like it or not, the Manga of the young ninja has fascinated millions of readers from all the world. That's why I don't understand the decision of Namco Bandai of re-inventing the story. I think that most of the Naruto fans won't like this particular choice.
But since the story is good anyway, that's not a great matter.
In this game whe find Naruto who is searching unknown enemies who have kidnapped some people of the Konoha village. Without spoiling, I'll only say that he will create a team of four ninja in order to search the disappeared people.
The single player modality is disappointing, since the Artificial Intelligence of the enemies is poor and you only have to press a button to hit them again and again.
The things grow interesting in the multiplayer modality, when you can play with your friends. The high number of players allows you to invent more strategies. Anyway, this is only one good feature.
I don't know if the audience will like this game...
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