Review : Pro Evolution Soccer 3DS

This year the famous Konami game is on 3DS platform. Let's now see its features.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3DS provides only two game modalities: the UEFA Champions League and the Master Contest. The game is the same as ever: once choosing a football team you'll have to play matches, winning points and trade with other teams.
The trade system is simple and quick: you only have to choose a football player, select a monthly payment and make your bid. Winning will keep the friendship with the team high, while losing will make your relationship become difficult and you'll also lose popularity. Having a high popularity improves the chances to do a good trade.
The online component is totally absent, and that's a bad point, since even the "old" DS console has a good online device. This game allows you to play matches only with your friends via local wireless, and not with anyone in the world. In addition, the modality roster is poor.
These lacks make the game a not really good debut of Pro Evolution Soccer in the 3DS console. Anyway, if you liked the precedent episodes, you won't dislike this one, since the gameplay is the same of all the past versions.

Just hope that the future episodes will be better than this one. 


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