The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Xbox 360

Since they're really few, I'll start with the critics: the characters are all similar one to each other and their stories are not complex as I wished. Done.
Now, let's start from the gameplay. The game brings many innovations, adding to the precedent amount of weapons and techniques new features. Every battle is a great lovely dance of destruction: the moves are fluid, and the animation is excellent. The player disposes of many weapons, and has the possibility to switch them in every occasion and easily. Their variety allows you to choose how to kill your enemy, depending on your taste. The gameplay is in a typical splatter way, that makes the atmosphere more dark.
And now we come to the style: the first Dishwasher had a dark, sinister, macabre and gore look, that has improved in "Vampire Smile". The player finds himself in a psychotic world of horror and madness. Though the story is simple, it's well managed. And the entering of a female character adds something new to the series.
The graphic level is very high, the ambientation is perfect and the game in general is entertaining,
In short: a great success! There's more on


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