Google I/O 2011 recap: Chromebooks, Music Beta, Movies and more

And that, as they say, it a wrap. We've departed a shockingly sunny San Francisco, but not without a huge helping of Google news to mull over on the long ride home. In typical Goog fashion, the outfit served up a double-dose of keynotes this year, both of which seemed to delight both developers and media alike. Sure, no new superphones used the show as a launching pad, but plenty of other nuggets were unearthed. From the reveal of Music Beta to the official introduction of the world's first commercial Chromebooks, the 2011 edition of Google I/O packed plenty of punch. If you missed even a second of our continuous coverage, we've got you covered -- the best of the best is recapped below. We'll see you next year, I/O... you bring the tiramisu, we'll bring the Ice Cream Sandwich.

Keynotes / liveblogs:

Day 1: Music Beta, Android 3.1, Ice Cream Sandwich, Open Accessory, ADK

Day 2: Chrome, Angry Birds, Chrome OS, Chromebooks 


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