Another Samsung WiFi Galaxy Tab 10.1 hits the FCC, this time dubbed GT-P7310

This week brought news that Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be released into the wild in just a few days. Today, a WiFi tablet from the Korean company made its way through the FCC bearing model number GT-P7310. Which, you see, is slightly different from the GT-P7510 moniker we saw in another FCC filing earlier this month, and this ended up being the limited edition 10.1 passed out at Google I/O. While some may think that this could well be the 8.9-inch version of Sammy's Android tablet, the above drawing is actually identical to the previous one bar the extra text at the bottom, so our money's on 10.1 again -- maybe this variant is destined for other countries? We shall see.

Update: A bit more digging found a pair of 10.1-inchers demonstrated in Monaco with models listed as the GT-P7300 (a WiFi plus 3G Galaxy Tab 10.1) and GT-P7310, which, you guessed it, is a WiFi-only version.


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