Microsoft Family Safety: The Most Secure Internet Program For Your Family Safety

There are a number of predators on the internet who can harm you and your family considerably if not taken care. Internet predators always look for young prey as they are much easier to exploit. There are some locations or area where these predators usually stay online such as social networking websites, chat rooms, internet forums, instant messaging and even in online game sites. Some of the biggest firms in productivity software along with Microsoft, the best operating system developer in the world, are working consistently to find a solution to keep you and your family away from the internet predators. It is not good enough to create user accounts in Google safe search and trying to filter contents through it. What you require is something more than an antivirus such as Family Safety by Microsoft which comes with the facility of filtering the internet content providing a powerful and high level security for you and your family. On top of that, Family Safe by Microsoft is available completely free of charge for anyone using Microsoft operating system. To begin with, you just need to visit the website ( All the necessary instructions required for setting up the Family Safety are available in the website.

The main components of Family Safety software:

The Filter – Which helps in monitoring the amount of time your kids spent on computer and determining the nature of work they did. After knowing these you are provided with means to control and manage every aspect of them.
The Website – Which is perfect for Internet filtering; it gives you all the necessary information which was filtered initially also allowing you to make any changes in the setting as per your requirement. You may do this as many number of times as you need.
Parental Control – This provides you with options to customize all the settings, for instance letting only predefined programs accessible and for exactly the set amount of time which you had already defined earlier.

There are several organizations and communities fighting against internet predators and online crime which seems to be a rather difficult task to accomplish. Several laws and amendments have already been made in order to control and discourage such activities; nevertheless the number of crimes happening seems to be increasing everyday. We need to take part in controlling these crimes by taking full precautions from our side, by making kids aware of such activities and also by installing safety software in your personal computer.

 Microsoft Family Safety is a complete solution to all the internet safety related problems. This program will single handedly manage and control all of the safety functions you might require. You can know more about website filters, its benefiting features and many other methods which will keep you and your family completely safe while working online, in our upcoming articles.


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