Samsung to launch Wave-3 with BADA 2.0 in December 2011

Samsung is all set to launch its newly developed Wave-3 in India by the end of this year. The Phone is built on all new BADA 2 Mobile operating system and one can expect advanced mobile experience while operating the device. Wave-3 was officially announced by the manufacturer a month ago and till now it is made available in markets of Germany, France and Russia.
The Samsung Wave-3 is all new package in Samsung‘s Smartphone camp with all new NFC-Chip and Wi-Fi direct capabilities. The phone proudly features a 4 inch AMOLED screen and a powerful 1.4 GHz processor is there to drive all new Bada OS 2.0 seamlessly.
Samsung Wave 3 Samsung to launch Wave 3 with BADA 2.0 in December 2011
In browsing department, the Wave 3rd edition has got a HTML 5.0 support along with whole new browser capabilities like Flashlite among others. Camera on other hand is just a 5.0 mega pixel and one expects to have at-least 8.0 in this price range but with Image Stabilization, Geo-Tagging, Auto-Focus and Dual LED Flash you will love the imaging through this device.
However being a Bada OS enabled this device will surely struggle to perform great in Indian Mobile market within its range as Nokia with its Windows Phones and Symbian Belle OS and others with Android OS are making it tough for each other.


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