Best Comment System Plugin for your WordPress Site/Blog

Have you ever thought that how to engage your readers on your website so that it can increase your page-views as well as time on site. Page-views and time on site are two much important factor that affects your sites credibility and inorder to increase both these things, a webmaster should think to engage visitors in something interesting.

Commenting on a blog post is a good habit but many of the readers never like to do until the comment box invites them. On other side if your site never appeals to the reader to comment or read few more posts, you will never be able to increase Page-views and Time on Site.

Firstly we need a comment system which could highly impress the reader of your blog to hit and post a comment and here i am with a best comment plugin for wordpress.

DiscusIt WordPress Comment System:

DiscusIt is a highly professional commenting and subscribing system for wordpress, it allows the webmaster to integrate the comment system within the website much easily and provides a great dynamic feature list while doing so. The free available WordPress Plugin is instantly installed and activated without much crap.

DiscusIT works on HTML based comment system and has capabilities to increase traffic dramatically. One one hand it increases the time on site on other hand it also improves your rankings by promoting your site on Google.

This comment system easily blends up with your sites theme which provides a pleasant look to the commenting section. The features of DiscusIT includes Post Ranking, Poll insert in posts, search engine optimization, Single Signon and Author Reputation. Its easy for one to follow the discussion and automatic spam filter provides it a best spam-proof comments on your posts. Whereas a comment which creates more buzz around the site will be ranked higher than others.


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