Vodafone truck can recharge 2,000 devices at once, is coming to an Isle of Wight near you

Nothing like a dead battery to kill your Foursquare buzz at a British summer concert, eh? Vodafone feels your pain and so, in an act of brilliant PR, is rolling out a 40-foot truck capable of charging up to 2,000 devices simultaneously. Peeking inside the 44-ton station, it's hard (for us, anyway) not to think of a bowling alley with cubbies, except they aren't filled with rental clown shoes, but outlets ready to revive iPhones, BlackBerrys, Nokia handsets, and a host of Android phones. The free service is made exclusive to Vodafone UK customers, and the carrier expects to charge roughly 72,000 handsets this summer alone. All told, our friends across the pond will get 11 chances this year to try it out, with the first public outing coming at the Isle of Wight festival next month. If, like us, you'll be stuck elsewhere watching repeats of Lady Gaga's concert special on HBO, have a peek at the Union Jack-blanketed press shots below.
sourceVodafone (Facebook)


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