ThinkFlood WiFi remote for Android goes beta, but still requires iOS

ThinkFlood is best known for its universal remote control systems, but now it might become famous for something totally different: discovering a way to bring peace to the tiresome iOS/Android fanboy wars. Its new beta app for Android provides complete control over the company's RedEye and RedEye Pro products, which in the past were strictly iOS-only. In turn, a RedEye system allows a range of IR-equipped devices in a home to be controlled via WiFi -- so in principle you should now be able to control your home theatre and other kit using your Android tablet or smartphone. But here's the twist: users of the beta app will need both an Android device and an iOS device in order to get full functionality, because the Android app can't yet handle configuration. The company insists this limitation will soon be fixed, but we say keep it. If all apps required us to own both platforms, things would be so much more harmonious. Full PR after the break.



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