Sonos now streaming MOG music at 320kbps

If you live in the US and own a Sonos whole-home audio system then the world of streaming audio truly is your oyster. You'd be hard pressed to name a single major domestic audio service not available to your S5 all-in-one or ZonePlayer setup. Today Sonos adds the MOG music service with high-quality 320kbps streams available on-demand or via customized artist-only radio stations. Better yet, you can sample the 11 million song library for free over the next 14-days before being asked to subscribe to the $9.99 per month Primo offering.


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Many private companies are in the market to deliver streaming music and photo content frequently, they also have the acknowledgement that people are ready to stream get their content on demand and online rather than store it on local hard drives, which has huge repercussions for broadband providers. Thanks a lot.

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