Samsung, RealD announce licensing agreement for new LCD-based 3D panels

Remember that 3D display technology that Samsung and RealD were working on at CES? Today, the two companies announced that they've struck a licensing deal for the panels, which promise to deliver full resolution HD images to each eye by integrating active shutter technology directly within an LCD. This approach differs from the passive film patterned retarder (FPR) technologies that you'll find in Vizio and LG displays, which cut image resolution in half for each eye. The new panels will also be compatible with RealD's lightweight 3D glasses that are used in movie theaters. The technology should be available for 23 and 27-inch PC screens by early 2012, later making its way to 55-inch TV displays. No word on pricing or compatibility with other screen sizes, but expect more details to emerge at this week's SID Display Week in Los Angeles. Full PR after the break.


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