Review : BlackBerry Playbook

"Playbook, RIM's first tablet, will hit the stores on April 19. On the
web I found many reviews, all of them bad.
Part of the problem seems to be the software, that suffers from
several oversights. Moreover, the Playbook is not a good stand-alone
Unfortunately for RIM, the tablet cannot be compared to Apple products
such as the iPad. Apple's tablet is 2.0, while RIM's one is only 1.0.
But Chris Hazelton, research director for mobile and wireless at the
451 group told the E-Commerce Times that the Playbook will replace a
significant share of the PC market anyway, and that its substantial
user base will be interested in the device and follow on updated
versions in the short term.
It's normal that, when a company announces a new tablet, expectations
were high, and obviously there are bad reviews. Surely Surely Playbook
will not be comparable with an Apple iPad, and RIM won't just have to
re-polish its image, but I end saying "Give time to time!"   "

just a thing: on the last two days it has become difficult to find
news about mobile phones and video games simply because they aren't.
Is there any other field i can add to these two, so it will be easier
to find something more to write about? Have a nice day!


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