Review : Apple iPod Shuffle

For all those music lovers iPod shuffle is one of the best gadgets out there. It has a 2 GB memory and can hold up a number of songs. Its button are big in size and are easy to use. All you have to do is click once and you can listen to your songs, raise the volume, and move back and forth on the play list.

One of the amazing thing about I pod shuffle is that it even tells you which song your listening to . All you have to do for that is to click on the voice over button situated on the top. Besides this you can easily upload songs from your pc with out facing any complications. You can even work with genious now which is used in your i Tunes. All you have to do is activate and it will search for the best songs, mix them up and they can be easily downloaded on your iPod shuffle. Thus all your favorite play lists can also be saved in this iPod so you can hear them later. This little gadget can surely do wonders.


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