Pandigital's 7-inch Planet e-reader hits the FCC with Android, virus protection

Pandigital's contributions to the e-reader market may have been largely forgettable thus far, but that hasn't stopped the company from churning out new models and hoping something sticks. The latest is the Planet, a 7-inch, Android-based reader that just passed muster with the FCC. According to the filing, it'll connect to Barnes & Noble's e-book store and come bundled with various apps, including Facebook, QuickSuite Viewer, and -- surprise! -- virus protection. And though it'll run some unspecified version of Android, you'll have to download apps through the third-party store SlideMe, since the e-reader predictably won't have Market access. Rounding out the spec list are a WiFi radio, HDMI output, and front- and rear-facing cameras. No word on pricing or availability, but let's just hope it's less buggy than some other readers Pandigital has made.
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