Logitech outs a pair of keyboard cases, gets into the tablet accessories game

Technically, we suppose Logitech already made a play for the tablet accessories market when it launched a rebranded Zaggmate keyboard case earlier this year, but today the peripheral manufacturer's getting serious about slates with the launch of two new portable products. Lacking a Smart Cover to keep your iPad 2 on edge? You could try the $70 Logitech Tablet Keyboard pictured above, which comes with a hardshell sleeve that doubles as a tablet stand and dedicated iOS or Android shortcuts. The keyboard itself is slick, roomy and somewhat plasticky, with a definite Notion Ink Adam vibe. There's also a redesigned Zaggmate, now known as the $100 Logitech Keyboard Case, which comes with "a more intuitive keyboard layout and improved keystrokes for even more comfortable typing" -- a claim we weren't able to test -- as well as a rebranded $100 Logitech Z515 Bluetooth speaker system, and a $50 Bluetooth mouse. Pricey? Definitely. Worthwhile? Decide for yourself later this month, when they're scheduled to hit shelves.

SOURCE: Engadget


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