Hyperkin's PS3 Remotext weds Blu-ray remote with keypad controller, DualShock 3 frets

With the PSN finally back up, it's time for important things -- you know, messaging your buds for a Black Ops pwning spree or hitting up Netflix. Hyperkin's Remotext for PS3 wants to help you get back into action with its hybrid remote / controller / chatpad. It features a slide-out Blu-ray remote panel, QWERTY keypad -- better positioned than SONY's offering -- and two analog nubs with a near-complete set of gaming controls. There's no sign of rear triggers, and Bluetooth connectivity is absent too, but it does come with a wireless USB receiver and rechargeable battery so you're not left scrounging between the couch cushions for AAs. Although we're doubtful it'll prove functional for gaming, it could be appropriate for PS3s that spend more time sitting at the movies than getting their Move on. The DualShock 3 shouldn't have much to worry about, but we'll find out at E3, when the Remotext will be officially showcased. There's no word on pricing or availability yet, but if you're dying for more in the meantime, a press release is beyond the break.



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