How would you change Samsung's Galaxy S 4G?

Oh, sure -- Samsung's Galaxy S II should be hitting American airwaves quicker than you can say "Where'd my weekend go?," but we're living in the here and now, aren't we? Now that you've survived whatever scare was scheduled for today, it's time to get back to what matters most: answering fictional questions. This week's episode of HWYC involves the T-Mobile variant of Samsung's heralded Galaxy S. Yeah, this one's been around the block on other carriers before, but that makes our prodding all the more pertinent. If you had the power to overhaul T-Mob's Galaxy S 4G, would you? And if so, how? Upgrade the battery? Change the construction material? Toss a fresher copy of Android on there? Feel free to let us know in comments below -- you've managed to live another day. Won't you do something worthwhile?


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