How would you change Apple's Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pro?

Same 'ole, same 'ole? There's no doubt that Apple's newest MacBook Pro looks awfully similar to the models that have come before it, but the engineers in Cupertino still managed to shake a few things up on the early 2011 model. Aside from throwing an AMD GPU under the hood, pairing that with Intel's integrated HD 3000 chipset and implementing Sandy Bridge, there's also an entirely new I/O port: Thunderbolt. But was that really enough? For those of you who couldn't escape the upgrade bug, we're curious to know if you've been satisfied with the upgrade. If you had control of things, what would you change? Add a few more USB ports? Insist that native USB 3.0 support be added? Throw in a Blu-ray drive? Maybe add a couple of palm rest stickers? Toss your ideas out in comments below -- but let's keep it civil down there, cool?

SOURCE: Engadget


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