Droid Charge to finally light up on Verizon Wireless tomorrow (update: official!)

Our testing of the Droid Charge got off to a bit of a rough start thanks to Verizon's wee tiny LTE outage that just so happened to hit at the same time as the phone. Thanks (at least in part) to that, the official launch of the device was delayed, and while we still don't have confirmation of why or just how long the delay was supposed to be, we do have multiple tips from multiple lovely readers in multiple positions at Verizon telling us the phone will be properly hitting stores on the 14th. We're working on official confirmation but, for now, it sure looks like tomorrow you'll be able to mosey on over to your local VZW outlet and get yourself $299 worth of LTE and OLED.

Update: We just got official confirmation from Verizon that the phone will be available tomorrow in-store and online tonight! Details in the PR below.


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