Amazon Wireless reduces Inspire 4G to $30, makes AT&T look downright miserly

If your desire for unibody enclosures is limited by a reluctance to pony up for premium designs, then you might grin knowing that Amazon Wireless is selling the HTC Inspire 4G for $30. Yes, this massive 4.3-inch slab can be the pride of your pocket without simultaneously emptying your wallet -- that's before you start piling on the accessories, anyway. While the Inspire 4G's reputation was initially sullied by an indictment in HSUPA-gate, it was later cleared of all charges thanks to AT&T's promised update. Now that users can upload with abandon, this might be a fine opportunity to recommit with Ma Bell while pocketing an easy $70. We know, it's a good find -- but don't start laughing too maniacally or your co-workers will get suspicious.
sourceAmazon Wireless


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