Someone could think that after the flop of the gameboy version in 2005 the Splinter Cell Saga would grow improved, and that the new technologies of which the Ubisoft disposes could do better in this occasion, but I must say that the only interesting thing of Splinter Cell 3DS is the story.

We find Sam Fischer in a new mission: that of finding a disappeared computer programmer who was working on mass algorithms. The game is an old-style spy story, but all is ruined by some lacks.
The whole mission has to be done walking in the dark without being seen, but the artificial intelligence of the enemies is very low, and they are easy to kill. The mini-games are very simple too: to open a door has never been so easy.
The game graphic is disappointing; the only interesting things come from the 3D effect.
The sound effects and the soundtrack are simply not good enough, and the game doesn’t have the multiplayer modality.
Though it takes a long time to complete, Splinter Cell 3D is not satisfying, and cannot compete with the first episode of the saga.


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