Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 even thinner than Apple iPad 2

Samsung has gained a lot of fans with the introduction of its galaxy tab. This is why people are looking forward to the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab gives out great color and has a resolution of 1280 into 800. you can select from any five home screens you like and use it for your display.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is fun to hold and is slightly thinner compared to the previous designs. This amazing tab also features two cameras one situated at the front which can be used for video conferencing. While the camera at the back can record  powerful 1080p HD videos and can take amazing pictures. It also features Map app that helps in navigation when traveling. You can also watch videos on you tube and check your mails with Gmail. These amazing features make it a great competition for I pad and various other tablets out there in the market.


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