Review : LG's Latest LCD

LG is known for desiging products especially by keep its users in mind. That is why they recently introduced an LCD screen known as LG W236CD especially for gamers.This 23 inch screen allows you to choose from various options to get the right picture of any game your playing.

LG W236CD allows you to choose from various options which includes picture menu and has features like brightness, gamma and black degree settings, while the color menu allows you to make changes in saturation and hue adjustments. You can also individually tune colors making adjustments in green, red and blue colors. Its setting menu includes make changes in the volume or changing the size of the image to lower down any disturbances. The picture quality is amazing and it has a powerful resolution while the sound produced is even better. All these features intensify the gaming experience so that it is 10 times more enjoyable and fun.


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