Review : Apple iPhone 3G

Apple's iPhone 3G is a remarkable smart phone. It is slightly heavier but it is durable and its screen is resistant to scratches and other marks. It gives great picture quality and videos look amazing on it. You can also browse the net easily and all web pages and sites gets downloaded in just few secs.

Apple I phone 3G also features an App store that allows you to purchase and download your favorite games. Its fun and easy to play them with out any hindrances. You can also add features like Mobile me and Exchange support which allows you to reply to your mails as soon as you get them. The screen is bright and allows easy viewing in the day time. It has a speedy Wi-Fi connection which allows easy and quick internet browsing. All these features make it a great phone and the best thing about it is no matter how much you abuse it it still looks the same.


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